Burning Hyboria - Shifting Shadizar

Ch 1.2 "Friends" "willing" to help

In his quest to find knights of the cross trade to help stage a raid on the tribute in transport, Tarim instead stirred up the mucky bottom of his past.  His brother, the brutish Semi, responded to the call.   Instead of showing willingness to accept a reasonable wage and help Tarim, Semi instead responded with aggression and threats and demanded full partnership.  Tarim was not dismayed and threw his own threats right back.  Meanwhile, Bashar bent his soul and called out to his strange ally, the dead Mitran knight Prospero, who manifested in an image of terror.  Collectively this was enough to break the spirit of Semi and his men, who fled the slum in which the meeting occurred.  Tarim and Bashar were able to round several of them up and demand service, which they agreed to in their compromised state.

Bashar later sought out his own people, and met the Zuagir band leader Ibrim in Shadizar's market square.  Trusting them like his own family, he told the Zuagir of all his plans, and they seemed amused by the black eye this would give the Zamorans as well as keenly interested in the vast sum of coin involved.  They agreed to help with the party's rouse, and Bashar is confident they will keep faith, but his allies see potential for a double cross when so much wealth is in play.

Uloro tapped her contacts at the bank and sought to gain details on the design of the strong boxes which would carry the gold.  She intended to use this info to help Zhang Daifu replicate them.  Sadly the bank did not respond with as much care as she had hoped, and ultimately an underling of the organization showed her boxes which were not of the same make as those used for the tribute.  This lead to Zhang Daifu providing boxes which did not match.

With these plans in place, shaky as they increasingly seemed, the day of departure approached.  A ritual of transfer was held at the main Zarhana Bank, and Bodhan with the kings guard (and the the final member of the conspiracy, Ansgisil) appeared.  Words were said, prayers were sung, and the wealth was transferred to Zar and Bohdan.  The company departed on it's journey.

The group made camp in the low border mountains of Zamora that first night and gathered to discuss there plot.  Many things became clear in the exchange (including that several PCs need lessons in the Zamoran language), but mainly the conspiracy came to realize the level of risk in their original plan.  Neither of the actors (the bandits or the Zuagir) are likely trustworthy, and the complexity involved in switching the wealth had increased now that the strong boxes don't match.  Doubt grew in their hearts.  An alternate plan was hatched involving once again the dead man Prospero who could switch the gold himself through his ethereal talents.  The bandits and Zuagir would remain as a backup (or an outside challenge that now requires management).  No choice is yet made, but Prospero seems the likely path.

This planning also included the revelation that Ansgisil's former teacher and patron, a knight named Prospero who was meant to meet him in Shadizar but never showed up, may be connected to the spectral Prospero of Bashar's summoning.

Towards the end of the discussion Bohdan approached.  A man of keen perception, he began questioning the conspiracy, and though the full plot is likely beyond his imaginings, he is sharp enough to have detected unseen and perhaps troublesome layers.  What he will do with that info still remains to be seen.



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