Burning Hyboria - Shifting Shadizar

Ch 1.1 - Tribute to Turan, Tribute for Thmei

The party was tasked by The Children to intercept a large tribute payment being sent to Yezdigerd Khan from King Tiridatis by way of Zuagir intermediaries, and to keep their involvement secret.  The complexity of the challenge quickly ramped up as they realized the House Spandiyadh, controllers of the Zarhana Bank, had similar intentions (through their agent Diwan Zar, Uloro's master).  The PCs met with Zar and made plans to acquire counterfeit coin on behalf of the Spandiyadh (Tarim being an agent of Szahir, the middle man in the counterfeit deal, and Bashar, intended as translator for the Zuagir).  Their true intentions however were to acquire double the counterfeit amount so as to cheat both the king and the Spandiyadh.  Through clever streetwise (Tarim) and the summoning of spirits (Bashar) the PCs managed to locate a counterfeiter (Zhang Daifu) and made a good deal for the counterfeit coin.  Next they hatched a plot to use two forces on their payroll, faux bandits and faux Zuagir good Samaritans, to stage a theft and recovery of the the actual coin during it's transport so as to obscure the switching of the fake for the real.  To this end Tarim and Bashar sought allies to employ in this purpose.  While they did so Uloro located the king's guard who would be accompanying the shipment (and therefore must somehow be duped or overcome).  She discovered the job is to be handled by Bohdan, a noble son of militant House Mihan, and his men.  Uloro engaged Bohdan in practice combat to assess his skills, and while her lithe sexuality and playfulness bested him in the contest (and unsettled his insides in a not-so-unpleasant way), she discovered him unquestionably more skilled.  He is not a man to trifle with.



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